Royalton Punta Cana Resort & Casino Review

The Royalton Punta Cana Resort & Casino is one of the stand-out options in the area for those visiting from around the world. After taking the time to visit this part of the world a few times in my life, I have finally found the hotel resort that stands out from the rest.

The check-in process was effortless, and the staff was extremely accommodating, as well. It felt like we were VIPs from the second we stepped foot on the property. A lot of other resorts and casinos promise one thing and provide something else according to review articles, but this was never the case. Everything looked like the pictures on the website.

The swim-up bar area is also a huge stand out selling point of this resort. It might just be the best one around, and the staff makes sure that everyone has full glasses if they are drinking. It is very spacious, there is some shade for when people get hot, and all the visitors seem to be very friendly the entire time. The resort is worth it for the swim-up bar alone for a lot of visitors.

As far as value is concerned, it felt like an excellent investment overall. My family has spent more money on staying at a resort and received much less in the area, and that is one of the most frustrating things people must deal with when traveling somewhere new. Learn from my mistakes, and stick with a resort that makes the experience for everyone as stress-free as possible.