Melia Nassau Beach – All Inclusive, Bahamas

For a first trip to Nassau, my family and I were not sure where to stay. After reading some review posts online, we settled on the Melia Nassau Beach hotel resort. What we found out almost right away is just how much of a difference picking a great resort is in experiencing a new area.

We have traveled to other parts of the world and not had nearly as great of an experience as we did here. This area is known for having very friendly customer service at all resorts, but Melia Nassau Beach takes things to another level. We always felt like they were willing to bend over backwards for us at all costs, even though we were anything but demanding. It felt very much like a smaller family-run resort, with world-class amenities.

Options galore stand out for people upon arrival, allowing people to try something new every single day during even an extended stay. What stands out the most? The resort has a premium location, direct access to a giant casino, affordable golf course options, and plenty of activities for any interests.

We decided to try a few of the water activities and lessons provided at a discounted cost through the resort directly. They hire professionals who are capable of handling any student, which encouraged us to try new things we did not think we would be interested in at first. All in all, it is a beautiful spot in a beautiful city, and the resort we will book in the future on return visits.